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National Tuxedo day was last week, October 10th. Though it's a bit late bit I will celebrate the day with this styling project with The Black Tux, an online tuxedo rental company. I will share some of my styling tips for special occasions, based around The Black Tux's suits!

ナショナルタキシードデーは先週の10月10日。っということでちょっと遅いけど、オンラインスーツレンタルの会社The Black Tuxさんとのスタイルプロジェクトでシーンにあわせたスタイリングを紹介するよ!

I think a lot of people would think that tuxedos or suits are only for formal occasions.
But I think even suits can fit more casual occasion too, such as a weekend date. You can wear the whole set-up style which gives a more classy and formal impression, but for those who want to make the look more casual, you can also wear a shirt and blazer with a pair of pants or jeans.


I chose The Davids Outfit to match up my outfit with! Here is my formal/casual look for a date, having an afternoon teatime or taking a walk in the beautiful Autumn weather. All which sound more like a relaxing than formal time, right? Here it goes!

今回はある週末のデートっていうシチュエーションで、The Davids Outfitにマッチする服を決めてみたよ!アフタヌーンティーをして秋の素敵な天気をエンジョイしながら散歩をするっていう、とってもリラックスした時間に聞こえるでしょ?じゃあいくよ〜

Taking an afternoon tea.


Taking a walk in park.


(Dress: & Other Stories, Boots: Zara, Coat: Uniqlo, Bag: Vintage)

The embroidery dress from & Other Stories is one of my favorite dresses. It's perfect matching both for casual and more formal occasions. It will change the impression about the cloth depends on how you style it!

& Other Stories刺繍のドレスはとってもお気に入りのひとつで、カジュアルにもフォーマルにも合わせれて好き。 なにを合わせるかによって印象がすごく変わる1枚なの。

I hope you got some new ideas about how you can style The Black Tux's suits, and how to style the matching style to it! The look above was shaped after taking inspiration from the clothes on The Black Tux homepage.
The Black Tux has many kinds of tuxedos and suits you can rent so you can enjoy different types of styles for different occasions! Check out their website the link below here: The Black Tux
Now if only I can get my boyfriend into something like these suits for our next date...

今回はThe Black Tuxを使ったスタイリングとそれに合わせたスタイルをするっていうのをテーマに書いたけどみんな気に入ってくれたらいいなあ!
The Black Tuxはいろんなタキシードやスーツを貸し出しているから、いろんなスタイルを気軽に楽しめるよ!是非彼らのホームページもチェックしてみてね! 

Photo Credit: Kouhei Linder



(Top: Cos, Skirt: Vintage, Sneakers: Cheap Monday, Bag: Kate Spade Saturday, Sunglasses: Le Specs)

A sporty look for Autumn. Love the Cos Sweater/Shirt from last year collection. Kind of a school girl style with the pleated skirt.

秋のスポーティーなルック。 去年のコレクションのだけどCosのセーターシャツがお気に入り。プリーツスカートと合わせてスクールガール風にしたよ!



Last weekend I bought a new camera, an Olympus OM-D EM10 MARKⅡ.
Lately I've started enjoying taking photos with manual settings and ever since then I've been wanting to buy a new camera, to take it one step further.

先週末には新しいカメラOlympus OM-D EM10 MARKⅡを買ったよ〜最近はマニュアルで撮ることの楽しさを知って、もうちょっと上のステップにいきたくて新しいカメラを買いたかったの〜

It was a love at the first sight, I really love the design and the size of the camera. I'm so looking forward to learn more about how to take pictures with it! I still have some photos to upload from my previous Olympus camera, but I hope I'll soon be able to share beautiful pictures taken with this camera and hope you'll like them.




(Sweater: Emoda, Skrit: Zara, Bag: Vintage, Hat: Secondhand, Earings: Present, Boots: Tiger Of Sweden)

An Autumn look. This look is one of my favorites, with a fringe sweater and suede skirt. It's getting cold here in Stockholm but the sweater keeps me warm. I should enjoy the short bright Autumn here in Sweden, because soon it's gonna be dark and cold!




It's now been three months since visiting Iceland, and I should start writing about the trip. I went there with two friends for 9 days in July.
Since it is too much to talk about in a single blog post I will divide the story into several separate posts.


I want to start with one of the most popular spots in Iceland, Jökulsárlón. We actually went there three times during the trip. We've seen it both when it was cloudy and sunny, but this time I'll share only the cloudy version. It gives of a completely different feeling from the sunny version.


Between my school assignments I'll write more to post about the Iceland trip with lots of photos, some that gives an awe-inspiring glimpse of the greatness of nature.
I hope you are as excited as I am. Stay tuned for the next post!




I had a day of intensive shopping with some friends last weekend since there were some special shopping events then. It ended with me getting some new clothes for my new Autumn wardrobe and I want to share them with you here.


Top from & other stories

Top from H&M

Shirt from J.Lindeberg

Sweater from & other stories 

Gaucho trousers from Weekdays

Skirt from Whyred

Skirt from Miu Miu

I'm so happy with the results. So ready to start enjoying Autumn now!




Did you see the northern lights yesterday night? It was first time for me to see such a strong one in Stockholm! So beautiful nature can be, I almost forgot how cold it was outside even though I was standing there without any jacket for 40 minutes! It was truly an amazing experience!